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This free memory app offers different ways to memorize scripture--from flashcards to audio. Kids version available.

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Grow in your relationship with God by experiencing Him daily. Devotionals are new each day, easy to understand, relatable to daily life, and consist of Scripture, reflection, prayer, musical worship, and a call to action.

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What should have been a fun-filled reunion for two siblings and their friends rapidly unravels into deadly surprise. Devastated by their circumstances, Ryan and Alyssa race between two key cities in Spain in a desperate attempt to understand what has happened to their friends, the money, and their once-solid relationship. Meanwhile, terrorists are targeting a national monument, and their friends are in the crosshairs. Can Ryan and Alyssa thwart their plans? Oso is an action-packed, thrill-a-minute page turner. As the plot thickens and tension rises, Ryan is determined to hold onto his faith in God and discover God's purpose in and through the calamities. Doing so keeps him grounded as he becomes an example to those around him. Oso promises not just an exhilarating ride, but a challenge and encouragement to "live what you believe." When faced with life's crises, who you are and what you believe should define how you live and how you act. Enjoy the ride!