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February 9... Thursday

We made it!!!     4:00am in Green Atlanta...and arriving in Guatemala City at 1:00pm.  We had uneventful flights and also sailed through customs, so thank you if you were especially praying for that part of the trip!  It was great connecting with Norma at the airport!  We grabbed a quick bite at a KFC-type place...and then loaded up in an over-sized van and began the trek northward.  We spent the next just over five hours going up and down mountains, navigating 32,316 ( +/- 10 ) curves, dodging nearly that many trucks, and enjoying beautiful views before finally arriving at La Fuente where Mary Purvis greeted the team!  What a great reunion... especially considering she had chili waiting for us!  Her hospitality has already been so wonderful...      See pictures below!     ...and thank you for praying!!!

    On the radar for the first part of February 10...  breakfast, followed by heading out to help with the feeding program for lunch.

February 10... Friday

Day 2 started with a delicious breakfast, follwed by being with pre-school through elementary kids from mid-morning till early afternoon.  We spent time coloring, playing hide-a-go-seek, swings, teeter-totter (you probably never knew 10 could fit on one teeter-totter!)... followed by serving lunch to the kids and grandparents.  We so loved just loving on these kids and adults!  Then, our team had lunch, followed by a lighter afternoon of recharging for the evening.  Nearly 40 teens descended on La Fuente and we spent the evening eating supper together, doing crafts, playing games... and Pastor Daniel shared "bull stories and Bible verses."  All in all, we knew you were praying as God used us to touch lives.   See pictures below!    ...and thank you for praying!!!

    On the radar for February 11...  visiting some families who have gone through a lot of recent trauma... as well as connecting again with some of the younger kids.

February 11... Saturday

Day 3 was a good - and long - day...   After another wonderful breakfast, we broke into two groups and headed out into the community.  We visited a total of five different families in their homes... loving on people, as well as taking them little gifts... soap, TP, and little frisbees!  The parents and grandparents appreciated the first two, the kids appreciated the third one!  Then, at 3:00, we met with 100 elementary kids... singing, memorizing verses, and some of the youth group acted out a play for the kids.  God is doing something really special in the lives of the youth here.  This evening, before a late supper, the team spent several hours in the home of a family whose son passed away just over a month ago.  Though difficult, and though we went in with one set of expectations, God had something different in mind as far as seeds that were planted.  Talk to one of the team when they get back to the US and ask them for details.   See pictures below!    ...and thank you for praying!!!

    On the radar for February 12...  a number of us are leaving at 6am to hike a mini-mountain out back...we will be praying for the service back at Community Church of Fish Creek! ...we are headed to the market...we'll be remembering a number who have passed away in recent years...we will be joining with Guatemalan believers for a church service.  Pastor Daniel will be preaching, and they said he can have up to an hour!  =)

February 12... Sunday

Today has again been a day of a variety of activities...we were able to watch part of Community Church live!  ...we then headed to the town market (about 8 minutes from La Fuente where we are staying)...followed by going to a nearby cemetery where "Rudy" (a young man Mary has mentioned a number of times) is buried.  We spent quite a while remembering Rudy, as well as others who have passed away in recent years.  Our time at the cemetery was good, with quite a few tears as well.  This evening we met with many fellow believers at the local church.  Lots of great singing (and clapping!), and then Pastor Daniel shared from Philippians 3 (Paul's testimony... "pressing on").  We returned to La Fuente pretty joyful...and tired.      See pictures below!    ...and thank you for praying!!!

    On the radar for February 13...  a dedicated time to invest in grandparents...followed by feeding lunch to (a ton of) children...followed by more home visitation.  Monday evening we'll be pow-wowing as a team... debriefing from all of the events - and emotions - from the first 4+ days.

February 13... Monday

The main focus today has been on loving grandparents.  Today marks the anniversary of one of a number of massacres that took place 41 years ago... hundreds were killed, and those who survived still carry deep scars to this day.  Our team has partnered with Mary to simply love these precious people...letting them know that God loves them.  The words of this short, daily recap don't do justice to the wide range of (deep) emotions.  Though you may not know their names, God does.  Would you take time - right now - and lift up these people before God's throne?  ...that in their grief, they would look to God as the source of all comfort...and salvation.  Pray also for Mary, and her on-going ministry to these wonderful people.
    Late this afternoon, the team met in Mary's home to debrief, share, and pray.  (As only two people can ride in each vehicle, we took the four vehicles pictured below.  =)   )      See pictures below!    ...and thank you for praying!!!

    On the radar for February 14... meeting with local Moms to love and encourage... preparations for Valentine's Day party on the 15th... 

PS - Ask Gerald how many fish he ate.

February 14... Tuesday

On this day when the focus is on "love," our team showed love and celebrated...
  * well as a few kids!
  * a special birthday
So much of Scripture is pretty simple and straightforward... love God and love people.  That was our goal today.      See pictures below!    ...and thank you for praying!!!

    On the radar for February 15... Valentine's Day party with the youth group!

February 15... Wednesday

Today was focused around the Valentine's Day party for the youth group.  The first part of the day we prepared and decorated, seeking to have everything ready for when the teens arrived.  We had finger nail polish and make-up (thanks to Community Church!) which the girls absolutely loved.  We also did the girls' hair all in preparation for the party.  Pictures were taken,  memories were made, and a lot of love was showered on these wonderful teens.     See pictures below!    ...and thank you for praying!!!

    On the radar for February 16...  Because of the time of the flight on Friday, the team leaves Mary Purvis on Thursday to head to Guatemala City.  Be praying as good-byes are said, as well as the 5+ hour trip by bus.

February 16... Thursday

Today we left where we've been serving the past week and headed to Guatemala City...  Because of our flight time on Friday, we needed to arrive in the capital on Thursday evening.  So, we said our goodbyes to Mary and her team and took the four plus hour bus ride to Guatemala City.  We are thankful for the safety on the trip, as well as the evening to rest a bit before our flight out tomorrow.  We are tired, but we are joyful.  We are ready to head home, but we are also thankful for the great relationships we have developed and strengthened over these last days.  We give God the glory for all that has taken place...     See pictures below!    ...and thank you for praying!!!

    On the radar for February 17...  We fly back to Door County!

We will be giving updates and showing pictures this coming Sunday morning, February 19!
As a church family, we will also be spending time in prayer.  Join us!

February 17...

We made it back to Door County!!!  After a long day of traveling, we arrived safely...  We thank you for taking this journey with you prayed, as you read our updates, as you checked out the pictures.  We thank you for your encouragement and your support as we were in Guatemala.  To God be the glory for all He did through us... both what we know about, and also that which we will find out about in eternity!

IMPORTANT - We will be giving updates and showing pictures this coming Sunday morning, February 19!
As a church family, we will also be spending time in prayer.  Join us!

Continue praying...