Current Studies


* Sundays at 9:30a

* More than a big fish!

* What can we learn...and apply...from these 48 verses?!

* applicable for all

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* Tuesdays at 10:00a

* The Armor of God -
"Jesus...Protector of My Soul"

* real questions, real answers - principles to apply

* September 27 through November 15


* Wednesdays at 2:00p

* facilitated by Dick Borzyskowski

* interactive...applicable

...going verse by verse as we learn...
and apply!

Bible 101

* Mondays at 10:00a AND 5:30p

* How does the Bible fit together? Can I think my way through the 66 books? Am I growing in my knowledge of God’s Word?

* September 19 through November 14
…90 minutes

* meet at the Oasis (next door to church)

* applicable for all

Spanish 101

  • Thursdays at 10:15 (Starting Sept 22nd)

  • In preparation for the missions trip to Guatemala, Pastor Daniel will be teaching a Spanish 101

  • Sign up by sending a note to * meet at the Oasis (next door to church)