Current Studies

Bible 101 Study 

Bible 101 - Mondays 10:00am…90 minutes…timelines, overviews, maps, “putting the Bible together” and being able to think through it... future events, the OT chronology, and the list goes on. ...very interactive... for all!  

March 20 through May 8 

Bible 201 Study 

Bible 201 - Mondays 5:30pm…90 minutes… (you do not need Bible 101 to take 201) - taking the next step... will require a little more effort, output, and joy. 

March 20 through May 8 

Womens Study: Elijah

10:00 am on Tuesdays

January 17 through February 28


March 14 through May 2 (no study on April 11)  


* Wednesdays at 2:00p

* facilitated by Dick Borzyskowski

* interactive...applicable

...going verse by verse as we learn...
and apply!

Spanish 101