Community Church

of Fish Creek

...exists to develop Christ-centered disciples with the passion, commitment,

and knowledge to impact the world for the cause of Jesus Christ.

June 7 ... we ARE re-opening!

1* 9420 Cottage Row...and

2* Live-streaming for Life Groups in homes...and

3* Live-streaming for individuals at home

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Community Church Family -

To say that these last weeks/months have been interesting would be an understatement! Lots of ups and downs and twists and turns - but NONE of them have taken the Lord by surprise. Furthermore, His desire was/is that through and as a result of these weeks, we would be more conformed to the image of Jesus.

"What has God been teaching you in recent weeks?” …something to answer to yourself, and also be ready to share this coming Sunday, June 7.

Speaking of June 7… we are “re-opening” …but the Church (capital C) is never closed! WE are the Church, and God desires to use us for His glory every day…wherever we may be!

“Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.”

- Ephesians 4:1

This coming Sunday - We are making three options available for corporate worship.


9420 Cottage Row - limited seating upstairs, limited seating downstairs

- smart distancing (aka social distancing), hand sanitizer

- thank you for wearing a mask

- meet at 9:30 am

- we will be closing off use of the stairs


Life Groups - Hall and Voss homes (contact us directly for more details)

- in homes, smart distancing (aka social distancing), hand sanitizer

- meet at 9:30 am

- live-streaming beginning at 9:50 am

- masks are optional


Your home - live-streaming beginning at 9:50 am (but click on the link a little early)


At 11:11 am - everyone - from anywhere - is invited to a time of "Virtual Coffee around Virtual Tables."

A link will be sent out later in the week with an invitation for a Zoom meeting (with many increased security measures / precautions). The process will be extremely simple to join! This will enable everyone to see/talk with each other, as well as to break out into small groups (virtual tables!) for better discussion. (Contact Steve & Karen Clindaniel this week, to make sure that all is ready on your computer to connect on Sunday.)

*** Sunday Messages will still be recorded and able to be viewed at a later time (on our church website).

THANKS to the following people, for helping to be “part of the solution” as we move forward:

THANKS to Chris Opper - for setting up the live-streaming!

THANKS to Steve & Karen Clindaniel - for setting up the Virtual Coffee Time

THANKS to Jo Rieger - for helping with Life Group logistics and signs

THANKS to Annie Hall and Kevin & Pam Voss - for hosting our Life Groups

THANKS to John Schaper - for preparing the sanctuary and ushering

THANKS to Megan O’Meara - for providing masks and hand sanitizer

THANKS to Kris Ann Leonard - for cleaning 9420 Cottage Row

THANKS to our “medical team” - Mark & Jane Mohr, Pam Voss, and Matt Rieger - for their insight and direction

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the information above.

Praying for you, and looking forward to this weekend.

Pastor Daniel

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